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Bea Gallardo, Producer, and Luis Argueta, Director / Producer - Photo by René Soza

When renowned documentarian Luis Argueta heard about Abuelos y Nietos Juntos planned trip to Guatemla, he was inspired by the idea. Based in Manhatten, New York, he decided to make a film about the children’s journey.

Agueta and his crew traveled with the group and recorded their experiences. They interviewed the children and grandparents, capturing the entire experience.

“After being separated for nearly two decades, these families are able to share stories, strengthen cultural traditions, and make memories,” he wrote.

Abuelos y Nietos Juntos: Two Generations Together will tell their story.

A kickstarter campaign was recently completed for the project, raising a total of $39,013.


Argueta has over 30 years of experience directing and producing short films, TV commercials, episodic television, documentaries, and feature films. His most recent film, abUSed:The Postville Raid, is a documentary about the effects of immigration enforcement policies on children, families, and communities.

As a Guatemalan-American filmmaker he am committed to telling stories that transcend borders. Through his work and his actions, he tries to serve as a cultural interpreter between both countries.

“For me making Abuelos y Nietos Juntos: Two Generations Together contributes to building bridges across cultures and across generations,” he wrote.


To watch the trailer for Abuelos y Nietos Juntos: Two Generations Together, click here.

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