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Connecting Families

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Connecting families separated by immigration issues and thousands of miles remains the cause most central to Familias Juntas. At its core, Familias Juntas believes in the pursuing peace and social justice, especially on behalf of those effected by a circumstances largely out of their control.

To that end, Familias Juntas strives to live out their name in the most literal sense by connecting grandchildren with grandparents they have only heard stories about while looking at dated photos.

In July 2013, Familias Juntas brought 14 children to San Marcos, Guatemala for ten days. United States citizens, these children were born in America and speak much better English than they do Spanish or Mam, a Mayan language spoken in parts of Guatemala. Not only was the trip the first time they had left the United State, they were traveling to their parent's home country.

In spite of the large undertaking, the trip went off without any problems and after being reunited with their grandparents, the children were able to spend a couple days with the grandparents.

That trip was so transformative for the children, the chaperons that accompanied them and the Guatemalan family members they met for the first time that Familias Juntas is committed to facilitating future trips as long as there is a need in the community.

In the summer of 2014, they plan to bring a new group of children to the same region of Guatemala.


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Ixchiguan, Department of San Marcos, Guatemala

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