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It has been a while since we have updated our page, our apologies for not being on top of this!  However, the reality is that Familias Juntas continues to work behind the scenes with our immigrants in SW Minnesota, specifically in the Worthington area.  We haven't sponsored any trip for the children since 2014, although more trips are being talked about for the upcoming summer.  But we are working on other important things that effect our immgrant families a great deal.  

Once important need we discovered is the need for transportation to the Immigration Court at Ft. Snelling, MN for those involved in the immigration process.  This need was especially high with the large influx of children and youth that came across the border in 2014 and 15.  Most of these are minors, seeking asylum here in the US.  Not only can't they drive, but generally the family members they stay with don't have valid MN driver's licenses (another issue we have been working on!) and so they are in need of drivers to their court appearances - which are a 3 hour drive away.  We have set up a system of volunteer drivers to help with this need, and along with several wonderful organizations in the Twin Cities, we have been able to offer $25 gas cards to help them with the expenses of traveling to their court appearances.  Along with offering transportation, we are able to offer support from a friend from our organization that goes with them to court.  If you are interested in helping us out with this, please contact Lisa at: familiasjuntas.mn@gmail..com

We have also been following closely the proposed DAPA plan implemented by President Obama in November of 2014, that has since been tied up in the court systems.  It will now be heard by the Supreme Court, and we are working with other local officials to prepare volunteers who will be able to assist our immigrants with the application process, when (not if - we think positive!) this is an option for them.  We know that many of the families we work with will qualify for DAPA.  

Thank you for your interest in our organization, and feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping out in any way.  We believe that our immigrants are a blessing, not a burden.  

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